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Valued Customers & Business Partners,

We are pleased to announce the move to our brand new facility as a result of our sales growth and continued focus on 100% customer satisfaction.

Key aspects for this new facility:

  • Move date is October 5th and fully operational by October 12th
  • Vendors - Please update deliveries to our new facility effective October

Microwave Components LLC is pleased to join Carlisle Interconnect Technologies in their introduction of the next evolution in “Push-on” Connector Technology with a new product line of pre-tinned and embossed SMP and SMPM connector bodies for PCB applications.  Pre-tinned PCB mount connectors remove cost by reducing time to install while increasing the reliability of solder joints onto the board. In addition pre-tinned mounting surfaces help to prevent corrosion and oxidization before and


Microwave Components; feature line, Delta Electronics Manufacturing Corp, was profiled on FOX Business News recently. The segment on FOX Business News is titled “Manufacturing Marvels”, and Delta was selected to represent the USA Precision Machining RF/Microwave interconnect manufacturers. FOX is spotlighting USA Manufacturers’ that are contributing to our nation, by providing a stable and growing manufacturing


The ADI Family of Companies shares your concerns about the COVID-19 outbreak. As a provider of essential services to the aerospace and defense industries, as well as medical and industrial equipment customers, we intend to continue to operate to the full extent of our capabilities for the duration of this pandemic.
The ADI Family of Companies has a comprehensive business continuity plan and continues to monitor the recommendations and advice from the Center for Disease


Times Microwave offers the T-RAD series of flexible, low-loss leaky feeder cables. This design provides a cost effective solution where point source antennas are not practical. The T-RAD cables utilize a continuous single slot design, which is achieved by bonding a metalized shield to the low-loss foamed polyethylene core. This foamed core/shield design yields a very flexible lightweight design, which


Re-formable cable assembly solutions straight out of the box! For customers who know the advantages of Re-Flex over traditional hand-formable and semi-rigid, and to make cable selection easier for those new to our product, IW is pleased to announce our new range of Re-Flex Starter Kits!

Three kits are currently available:

CT-1879 (SPSD-TPRF085-XXX-SPSD) direct solder SMA


Insulated Wire’s laminated EPTFE dielectric provides industry leading attenuation performance which translates to MAXIMUM power handling capability! IW’s range of high power coax cable and assemblies ensures low loss and reliable power transmission in your application:

Low loss/phase stable:

  • 2801 1.9KW (c.w) @ 1 GHz, 450W @ 18

SV Microwave’s high speed RF/coaxial solderless male edge launch and female reduced flange edge launch connectors are ideal for high frequency PCB applications where precision is key. These rugged, durable and reuseable connectors accommodate multiple PCB thicknesses and do not cause damage to the printed circuit board.  The reduced flange version allows for a smaller footprint on


SV offers a variety of millimeter wave (mmWave) coaxial cable assemblies and connectors for 5G mobile communication development and production. Our extreme frequency (26 GHz and beyond) push-on and threaded RF connectors offer industry leading signal fidelity in the 5G frequency spectrum and unique packaging designs for high density requirements. Let SV Microwave be your partner in 5G product development.


Microwave Components, LLC offers IW’s Re-Flex™ RF085, RF141 & RF250 cable assemblies (RG405/402/401 replacements) that are constructed using an in-house IW developed lamination technique for PTFE with a double shield construction and a tin/alloy plated, solder free outer braid to provide a hand formable cable that won’t micro fracture, eliminating the failure modes associated with conformable cable


MECA has expanded its offering of 5G Millimeter-Wave products. Featuring 2-Way Power Dividers covering 26-34 GHz with 2.92 mm interfaces.  Typical specifications of 1.2:1 are VSWR, 19dB Isolation, 2dB Insertion loss and 1dB Amplitude Balance. 

Also available are Attenuators, Terminations, Bias Tee’s, DC blocks and adapters.  Additionally, octave & mulit-octave models covering up to 50 GHz built by

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