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IW Microwave Re-Flex™ Starter Kits

Re-formable cable assembly solutions straight out of the box!  For customers who know the advantages of Re-Flex over traditional hand-formable and semi-rigid, and to make cable selection easier for those new to our product, IW is pleased to announce our new range of Re-Flex Starter Kits!

Three kits are currently available:

CT-1879 (SPSD-TPRF085-XXX-SPSD) direct solder SMA male/male using TPRF085 (RG405 line size)

CT-1880 (SPSD-TPRF141-XXX-SPSD) direct solder SMA male/male using TPRF141 (RG402 line size)

CT-1881 (SPSH-TPRF141-XXX-SPSH) shell style SMA male/male using TPRF141 (RG402 line size)

Each kit comprises seven different assembly lengths 3”, 4”, 5”, 6”, 8”, 9” and 12”, 6 pcs of each, providing the design engineer with a convenient aid for performing cable routing in prototype system builds – the ability to continually re-form Re-Flex without the need for custom tooling to shape the cable, and the elimination of debris caused by micro fracturing is a key feature of the Re-Flex cable design, and enables the designer to make signal path/layout changes without having to throw product away after using it once.

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