DynaFlex® cables from Dynawave are designed and fabricated for extremely tight bend radius applications that require a flexible coaxial cable to connect between two ports. Typical applications include integrated microwave assemblies and RF modules challenged with size and weight restrictions and typically found in Mil-Aero and communication markets.


The DynaFlex® Cable Series easily handles the most challenging design specifications where size, weight, power, loss, phase stability, flexure or other requirements are critical. This is accomplished by employing our DynaCore® PTFE dielectric technology along with the latest computer controlled manufacturing processes.


DynaFlex® Series DF 100 (DC-40 GHz) “Best All Around Performance”
DynaFlex® Series DF 200 (DC-32 GHz) “Best Electrical Performance”
DynaFlex® Series DF 400 (DC-40 GHz) “Best Flexure Performance”


Microwave Components LLC currently has

the following DynaFlex® Cables in stock: (At the time of publication)

DynaFlex DF118   DynaFlex DF126

DynaFlex DF140   DynaFlex DF218

DynaFlex DF226      DynaFlex DF426W

DynaFlex DF440W