Times Microwave Systems Introduces 

a new Test and Measurement Brochure


It includes the complete, updated lineup of Times Microwave Systems'

test cables and assemblies, all in one brand-new brochure.



September 15th, 2022



Times Microwave Systems is proud to offer a freshly expanded portfolio of unique test cable and connector solutions for your complex test and measurement needs.

Check out the entire collection in our updated Test and Measurements product brochure– now including the new Clarity™ family of test cables, in addition to our proven SilverLine®, Extra Flex™, Tuff Grip® and LPA™ products for test and measurement applications.

Customers worldwide trust Times Microwave Systems to provide future-proof testing solutions to support industries ranging from automotive to aerospace. They’re all specifically designed to overcome special testing challenges like higher frequencies, phase stability, long flex life, and extensive handling.

Thanks to Times’ expanding global footprint, vast network of manufacturing facilities, and well-established product inventory, our test and measurement cable assemblies are readily available at competitive prices.

Find all the details including technical specifications, data and ordering information in our brand-new Test and Measurement brochure.


About Times Microwave Systems 

A pioneering brand in innovative RF and microwave interconnect assemblies, cables, and connector designs, Times Microwave Systems  is a division of Amphenol. The company has more than 70 years of experience in the industry and offers the most comprehensive suite of products on the market. Times Microwave Systems continues to rapidly expand its portfolio by addressing defense, medical, telecommunications, precision tests, and space applications. With a staff of more than 100 engineers and a global manufacturing presence, Times Microwave Systems is uniquely qualified to produce the right solution for our customers’ complex requirements.