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SMT RF Switch

An innovative and original "micro-mechanical" design of the R516 SMT micro-relay offers, excellent RF performance, reliability, and repeatability. The miniature size, and low installation cost make these coaxial switches an ideal solution. Very low return loss and insertion loss allow this relay to be used in power applications, as well as in typical SMT relay applications such as RF attenuators, RF matrices, spectrum analysers, and telecommunications. Failsafe models are offered in two RF configurations (direct and inverted). The association of these two products on the same PC board enables the product to perform the bypass function. (For bypass mounting, further information is available on page 2-7).

Example of P/N: R516713100 is a SPDT SMT 26.5 GHz, 24 Vdc, failsafe, not soldered.

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* Please be sure to follow configuration rules in the Datasheet, we will confirm your configuration with the factory as soon as possible.

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