Times Microwave offers the T-RAD series of flexible, low-loss leaky feeder cables for RF / Microwave applications. This design provides a cost effective solution where point source antennas are not practical. The T-RAD cables utilize a continuous single slot design, which is achieved by bonding a metalized shield to the low-loss foamed polyethylene core. This foamed core/shield design yields a very flexible lightweight design, which allows for easy installation. The slot opening is designed to provide a balance between downline signal attenuation and coupling loss. It’s broadband design allows it to be used from lower frequency through the higher frequency applications.

There are currently two different jacket versions available with the T-RAD cables. The standard T-RAD cable utilizes a flexible PVC outer jacket while the T-RAD-FR series utilizes a non-halogen, low-smoke flame retardant jacket. Both designs exhibit excellent flexibility, and provide very cost effective installation methods.

A wide range of connector styles are available for the T-RAD cables. The T-RAD-400 and -600 sizes were designed to accept the Times LMR® EZ-style crimp connectors. For T-RAD-600 cables, a special thinner crimp ring is required to properly crimp the outer ring to the connector body.

T-RAD 50 Ohm Leaky Feeder Coaxial Cable:
• Provides RF coverage in buildings, mines and other enclosed areas
• Offers broadband performance up to 3.5 GHz (5.8GHz Available)
• Flexible, non-kinking design provides easier installation
• Accepts standard "EZ" crimp connectors
• FR series is MSHA approved for mining applications

Radiating Cable Solutions for
Interior RF Communications and
Security Applications:
• Mines
• Tunnels
• Ships
• Subways
• In-Building
• Oil Rig Platforms
• Perimeter Detection