RF/microwave products for Space must support critical applications and be able to withstand environmental conditions such as shock, vibration, a corrosive atmosphere and thermal extremes.  Our suppliers have designed and manufactured an extensive range of RF/microwave products with over 50 years of space heritage including GEO, MEO, and LEO satellites as well as ground radar tracking systems.  In addition, many of these products also have NASA and ESA certification. Custom screening is available to fit your mission needs.

Vendor solutions include:

 HS  - TVAC cable assemblies


  • High performance up to 40 GHz
  • Reliable and robust, wide range of products
  • Excellent return and insertion loss
  • A wide range of cables, connectors and armours
  • Available as pre-terminated cable assemblies
  • All components P+ (max. 10 pcs. available within 10 working days)


  • High performance up to 40 GHz
  • Superior phase and insertion loss stability vs. temerature
  • Excellent overall system accuracy and reliability independant of temperature
  • Available as pre-terminated cable assemblies
  • All components P+ (max. 10 pcs. available within 10 working days)

 COAXIAL ATTENUATORS - A range of low power coaxial attenuators qualified by ESA (European Space Agency)

  • SMA interface available from DC to 22 GHz: 10 dB/0.5 dB, 11-20 dB/1 dB step and Dissapated power: 2W
  • SMA 2.9 interface up to 31.5 GHz: 0-10 dB/0.5 dB step
  • SMP LOCK interface DC to 22 GHz: 0-10 dB/0.5 dB step, 15 and 20 dB

COAXIAL CONNECTORS - Includes a wide range of 50 ohms coaxial connectors with a frequency range up to Q band 

  • ESA QPL SMA interface up to 22 GHz with male, female and adaptors variants
  • ESA QPL SMA 2.9 interface also called SMK, up to 40 GHz
  • ESA QPL Very high power TNC interface up to 8 GHz
  • TNC Line providing higher performance with screw-on concept: high power versions up to 8 GHz and high frequency version up to 18 GHz
  • SMP microminiature interface for high frequency applications with great misalignment tolerances: 40 GHz/Snap-on (blind mate)
  • SMP-LOCK: fully compatible with SMP interface and offers a secure connection due to a robust locking system
  • 2.4mm interface: male,female and adapters up to 50 GHz

 COAXIAL TERMINATIONS - Low power coaxial loads qualified by ESA (European Space Agency) and high power versions

  • Low power SMA loads up to 2W: ESA QPL (3403/006) up to 22 GHz
  • High power SMA loads: Remote loads / 5W DC - 18 GHz / 45W 1 - 6 GHz
  • Low power SMA2.9 loads 1W: ESA QPL (3403/009) up to 40 GHz
  • Low power TNC loads: EPPL Part 2 / 2W up to 18 GHz
  • Low power SMP/SMP-LOCK loads up to 1W up to 22 GHz

Passive couplers DC-22 GHz and power dividers
DC-31 GHz which offer admissible power up to 200 WCW

  • Directional coupler with low power SMA connectors (5 to 30 dB) or high power TNC connectors (5 to 32 dB)
  • 3 dB hybrid coupler with low power SMA connectors or high power TNC connectors
  • 2 - 4 - 8 way dividers with Wilkinson Technology

 FLEXIBLE COAXIAL CABLE ASSEMBLIES - High performance (depending on selected variant), lightweight, low loss, high flexibility and high power - CNES ASF since 2007 (Agrément de Savoir Faire:  Capability Approval)

  • SHF 2.4MS: with SMA or SMP-LOCK connectors (18g/m - 2.91 dB/m at 18 GHz)
  • SHF 3MS: with SMA connectors (35 g/m - 2.35 dB/m at 18 GHz), SMA2.9 or SMP-LOCK (35 g/m -3.19 dB/m at 31 GHz)
  • SHF 4.8MS: SMA interface (41 g/m - 1.19 dB/m at 18 GHz) or SHF 4.8MS ULL32 with SMA2.9 for Ka Band (41g/m - 1.65 dB/m at 32 GHz), high radiation capability: 120 MRAD
  • SHF 5MS: SMA connectors (53.5g/m - 1.02 dB/m at 18 GHz), SMA2.9 (53.5g/m - 1.27 dB/m at 26.5 GHz) or TNC (53.5 g/m - 1.02 dB/m at 18 GHz), high radiation capability: 80 MRAD
  • SHF 8MS: with SMA (118g/m - 0.68 dB/m at 18 GHz), low power TNC (118g/m - 0.68 dB/m at 18 GHz) or High power TNC (118g/m - 0.44 dB/m at 8 GHz), high radiation capability: 80 MRAD
  • ESA QPL SHF 8MS (3408/001) : with Very high power TNC (118g/m - 0.68dB/m at 8 GHz), high radiation capability: 120 MRAD

Extended life cycle (18 years and more than 100,000 actuations)
with high RF performance and excellent repeatability 

  • Low power SPDT , DPDT and DP3T based on our standard range of switches (RAMSES) with SMA (DC - 22 GHz) or
    SMA2.9 connectors (DC - 31 GHz)
  • Low power Random or Sequential T switch with SMA, SMP-LOCK connectors (DC - 22 GHz) or SMA2.9 connectors (DC - 31 GHz)
  • High power SPDT, DP3T and Random T switch
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Exens Solutions provides RF products such as Waveguides, Microelectronics, Modules, Isolators, Circulators, Filters and Subsystems to support the Space market.
• Silicon PIN Diodes
• High Power Switching
• Low, Medium Power Switching
• Limiting diodes
• Attenuator diodes
• Varactors
• SRD / Multiplication
• MOS Capacitors
• High Performance Packages
• Low cost packages
• ESA certified
• Double Balanced Mixers
• Triple Balanced Mixers
• Termination Insensitive mixers
• Image Reject Mixers
• SMD Mixers
• Cascade Amplifiers
• Coaxial Limiters
• SMD Limiters
• Circulators
• Isolators
• Loads


• Dividers

• Combiners

• Couplers
• Modules
• Complex Assemblies
• Test Benches
• Defence
• Industrial

• Rigid, Flexible,
Bent, Twist
• Silver, Alocrom,
• WG to Coaxial
• Couplers
• Power dividers
• Magic Tees
• Horns
• High Power Loads
• Rotary Joints
• C & R Type Rotary
• Satellite Payloads
        • GEO, MEO, LEO
              • Constellations
              • Scientific
              • Exploration
        • Navigation: GPS, Galileo
        • Military Applications
        • Telecommunication Systems
        • TV Broadcasting 
 sat2 • Ground Stations
     • Teleport
     • Fixed or Mobile SATCOM
     • Tracking of Satellites
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 sv satellite As a new era of space commerce opens up in Satellite internet, we know that manufacturers and service providers face challenges like harsh environments and limited access. SV has a full line of COTS products to meet the demands of these applications, including NASA's rigorous outgassing standards.

SV’s durable RF interconnects can withstand the harsh conditions of space, while our high-performance standards mean we guarantee RF performance expectations. From flexible cables connecting antennas to receivers to optimized PCB connector payloads, SV has an industry-leading, high-quality product portfolio. Our engineers are familiar with packaging challenges and are creative in finding ways to increase signal density and decrease weight. Whether it’s through an inventive solution like spring-loaded bullets to mitigate tolerance stack-up or through creating custom cable assembly configurations that both maximize flexibility and minimize insertion loss, SV has you covered.

We understand that LEO/MEO constellations have different and sometimes undefined qualification requirements. Our “a la carte”  product testing menu below is designed to offer peace of mind. All the below offerings are directly from the M39012 connector specification.

 Contact Microwave Components LLC and let us know what SV Microwave Space-Related products we can provide for you.  (800)282-4771