As a leading manufacturer of air coils for microelectronics applications, Microwave Components, Inc. offers a comprehensive line of standard as well as derivative or custom components, engineered to meet the widest possible range of requirements.

MCI’s entire product offering is available in a variety of materials: gold, silver, copper, copper plated gold, aluminum and nickel copper alloy, in both bare and insulated wire. MCI inductances range from 1 nH to 1000 nH. Customers have reported using MCI coils at frequencies as high as 50 GHz. Configurations include: spaced or non-spaced, bonded or non-bonded windings; stripped or non-stripped, tinned or non-tinned leads.

All of MCI coils afford multi-octave performance, high Q and low loss. Applications include; filters, switches, mixers, amplifiers, attenuators and multipliers.