New Product Series Released


NexTek announces commercially available coaxial protectors for critical High-Frequency (HF) communications circuits.


  • Available with N-Type, TNC, and SMA connectors
  • High-Speed Protection Design
  • Ultra-Low Let-Through Energy
  • 1-40 MHz Operating Frequency
  • DC Block
  • HEMP Tested and Verified Design
  • Excellent Insertion Loss and Return Loss
  • Bulkhead Mounting


Outstanding VSWR and Insertion Loss 

These expertly engineered HF coax protectors, designed to protect against High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulses (HEMP), sometimes referred to as Nuclear EMP (NEMP), are now available. In our increasingly technological world, these pulses pose an immense threat, and so the need for protection from them is rising, as is the dependence on RF communications for critical applications.
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