Huber + Suhner announces new SUCOFLEX 570 cable assemblies to be available September 2022



When it comes to test and measurement, the SUCOFLEX 500 assem-
blies guarantee the highest level of satisfaction. Thanks to their unique
cable and connector design, they deliver the best phase and ampli-
tude stability versus flexure, movement, temperature and tensile stress,
in combination with outstanding return and insertion loss up to 70 GHz.

Due to the rotary swaged low-loss inner conductor and the rugged
construction, SUCOFLEX 500 assemblies typically withstand more
than 100,000 flexures without degradation of performance and
therefore have a very long life-time.

  • Short Delivery Time
  • Outstanding Performance
  • Excellent price-performance ratio


The SUCOFLEX 500 series consists of:
SUCOFLEX 526 (26.5 GHz)
SUCOFLEX 550 (40 - 50- GHz)
SUCOFLEX 570 (70 GHz)

Now introducing 570E assemblies. (Click each below for the datasheets)
PMA SF570E/11PC185/11PC185/24in
PMA SF570E/11PC185/11PC185/36in

• Bench top testing
• RF production testing
• Automated test equipment
• Vector network analyzers (VNAs)
• Scalar analyzers
• Portable test equipment
• RF module testing
• High speed digital testing (HSDT)