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 Microwave Components LLC is pleased to introduce Mercury Electronics Ind. Co., Ltd who has been manufacturing frequency control devices for the past 50-years. 


Tens of thousands of Mercury’s QuikXO (Quick-Turn Crystal Oscillators) oscillators are now available online at
Microwave Components [www.mwc-llc.com].
Custom frequencies, tight stabilities and EMI Reducing spread spectrum crystal oscillators are ideal for almost all board-level products, including controllers, transmitters-receivers, GPS, medical devices, drones, base stations, meters, and more. 

Engineering support is available upon request.

 QuikXO Mercury Logo

QuikXO Part Number Series Available:

                25QHM           3QHM        EMI Reducing Spread Spectrum Crystal Oscillator [SSXO]

                MQF               QMQF         Temperature-Compensated Crystal Oscillator [TCXO]

                VMQF            QVMQF       Voltage-Controlled Temperature-Compensated Crystal Oscillator [VCTCXO]


The following datasheets are available:

25QHM                 https://www.bk.mercuryunited.com/image/catalog/pdf_a2/EMI/QHM_b2.pdf
3QHM                   https://www.bk.mercuryunited.com/image/catalog/pdf_a2/EMI/QHM_b2.pdf
    MQF                      https://www.bk.mercuryunited.com/image/catalog/pdf_a3/TCX/MQF326_a3.pdf
       QMQF                   https://www.bk.mercuryunited.com/image/catalog/pdf_a3/TCX/QMQF326_a3.pdf
     VMQF                   https://www.bk.mercuryunited.com/image/catalog/pdf_a3/TCX/MQF326_a3.pdf
      QVMQF                https://www.bk.mercuryunited.com/image/catalog/pdf_a3/TCX/QMQF326_a3.pdf


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 Oscillators & TCXO                                           https://mwc-llc.com/tcxo-s
                 VCTCXO                                                            https://mwc-llc.com/vctcxo/products