Delta Electronics: Threaded RF SMP-T / SMPM-T / SMP3-T
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SMP Markets

Delta's threaded SMP-T, SMPM-T and SMP3-T series are ideal for launch vehicle applications including hypersonics, satellites, military and commercial aircraft, antenna systems, transportable electronic equipment and any application requiring small size and reliable RF performance. In demanding applications involving vibration and mechanical
shock, Delta’s SMP-T, SMPM-T & SMP3-T connectors provide stable RF performance up to 65 GHz. Each threaded series has straight cable mount configurations with retractable coupling nuts and Delta's unique space saving low profile R/A cable mount designs. PCB configurations include both vertical launch and low profile edge launch designs.

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SMP Design

SMP-T, SMPM-T & SMP3-T critical interface dimensions meet the applicable industry standards including: DSCC 94007, 94008, Mil-STD-348, Mil-PRF-31031, IEC 61169-60, IEC 61169-44. Engineers can choose from Smooth Bore, Limited Detent or Full Detent interface options. Cable mount designs accommodate semi-rigid, conformable, and
flexible variants of .047" and .086" (RG 405) cable. Delta can adapt the cable mount designs to accept low loss, phase stable cable variants with higher VoP (77% to 83%) dielectrics. PCB configurations can also be adapted to fit different PCB thicknesses and custom mechanical footprints. Vertical launch PCB designs are available with straight
and R/A surface mount center contacts, through hole center contacts and either surface mount or through hole grounding features.