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Today, IW New York Headquarters designs and manufactures a wide range of cables to support demanding customer application specific requirements for high performance cable assemblies operating at frequencies up to 67GHz, across a range of diameters from .050″ to 0.500″.

IW also offers a broad selection of connectors in order to provide our customers the proper cable assembly for specific applications. 

IW serves a broad range of both military
and commercial markets. These include
telecommunications, data links, satellite systems,
airborne electronic warfare and counter measures,
missile systems, UAV applications, avionics and
instrumentation, fire control systems, medical
electronics, and geophysical exploration.


Re-formable cable assembly
solutions straight out of the box!

For customers who know the advantages of
Re-Flex over traditional hand-formable and
semi-rigid, and to make cable selection easier
for those new to our product, IW is pleased to
introduce our range of Re-Flex Starter Kits!

direct solder SMA male/male using TPRF085
(RG405 line size)
direct solder SMA male/male using TPRF141
(RG402 line size)
SMA male/male using TPRF141
(RG402 line size)

 re flex

* actual contents of starter kit may vary from image


 Each kit comprises seven different assembly
lengths 3”, 4”, 5”, 6”, 8”, 9” and 12”, 5 pcs of each,
providing the design engineer with a convenient
aid for performing cable routing in prototype
system builds – the ability to repeatedly re-form
without the need for custom tooling to
shape the cable, and the elimination of debris
caused by micro fracturing is a key feature of the
Re-Flex cable design, and enables the designer to
make signal path/layout changes without having
to dispose of the product after using it once.

Re-Flex starter kits and cable
assemblies are in stock at our US
and International distributors!


re flex perf



For applications above 30 GHz, IW has an
established range of cables designed to
provide exceptional attenuation performance
at key frequencies for commercial and military
applications, with our 180, 150, 157, 140 and 125
series low loss/phase stable cables in addition to
our RF085 Re-Flex hand formable.

With increasing demand for flexible cables above
70 GHz, Insulated Wire has developed 0341 and
0471 cable types, the latter now available and
1.0mm connectors as turn-key assemblies.

Using our proprietary technology for laminating PTFE, IW has achieved a cable design compatiblewith a range of interconnect products including 1.0mm and G3PO™ to achieve performance
to 110 GHz. 

Milli flex


The lamination process provides excellent
concentricity, tight impedance control and
excellent attenuation performance across the
operating frequency range.


 Milli flex chart Terminated with 1.0mm
connectors designed for
the 0471 cable
, example
test data is shown
here for a 30cm/12”
overall length assembly
using male and female


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