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Ultralite RF Cable Connectors

SV Microwave's UltraLite product line has been constructed with aluminum material to create durable, reliable, and lightweight high-performance RF cable connectors. Available in threaded SMA and 2.92mm series, these Ø.047" cable connectors are 66% lighter than their stainless steel counterparts. 

Features & Benefits

• Up to 66% lighter than standard cable connectors due to aluminum material
• Same reliability as standard steel RF connectors
• Series: SMA and 2.92mm
• DC - up to 40GHz (2.92mm version)
• COTS versions available through distribution


• Space
• Missiles
• Man Pack Radios
• Airborne

UltraLite RF Cable Connectors are designed to perform at high frequencies and harsh environments with lower weight compared to their steel and brass counterparts by leveraging aluminum construction. These connectors, cable assemblies and components are ideal for Space and other applications where weight is at a premium.

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Space Attenuators

SV Microwave has developed a line of Select on Test Space Attenuators that are designed to fine tune the RF power levels of microwave circuits in satellites. This product line features SMP Male-to-Male and Male-to-Female configurations that are rated to work through 40 GHz at a variety of attenuation values.

Features & Benefits

  • 1, 3, 6, and 10 dB attenuator values are available off the shelf
  • ½ dB increments from 0- 10 dB can be made to order
  • Higher vibration and shock level tolerances
  • SMP interface offers smaller diameter and lightweight  option to threaded connectorized attenuators
  • DC - 40GHz


  • Space payload
  • LEO, MEO and GEO Satellites

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Space Attenuators Hi Res

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