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 Microwave Components LLC welcomes Syscom Advanced Materials!

We are excited to announce that we are now franchised to sell Syscom Advanced Materials products.  This opportunity brings us into the "wearables" market through their metal clad fiber products. These fibers are electrically conductive, which paves the way for solutions in the medical field such as an MRI blanket as well as light weight conductive materials for use in the Defense and Space markets.

From Syscom's website:

Fibers come in many different forms and are used in applications that range from clothing yarn to aerospace wiring. Fibers can be derived from metals or plastics and chosen based on customers’ electrical and mechanical needs.

Syscom takes these synthetic, metallic fibers and manufactures them into extremely conductive materials by applying, or “cladding”, various metal coatings. These Metal Clad Fibers have the flexibility and feel of polymer fibers paired with the conductivity of copper wire. Metallic fibers achieve a boost in this conductivity as well as in strength.

Syscom Advanced Materials, Inc. has implemented a Patented manufacturing processing to produce multifunctional Metal Clad Polymer Fibers (MCPF) for power and signal transfer, and electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding applications. MCPF has advantages over conventional conductive metal wires in flexibility, weight savings, mechanical strength, durability, tailored electrical conductivity, and more uniform electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding.

This major breakthrough in conducting material technology will enable manufacturers to:

  • Solve critical engineering problems and
  • Significantly improve product capability and
  • Increase manufacturing flexibility and efficiency

Metal Clad Fibers open the door for numerous applications.

Traditional wire, cable, and thread are limited by their innate properties. Due to its unique construction, Metal Clad Fibers provide engineers and researchers with more possibilities.

These fibers fit seamlessly within the slighter yet more efficient nature of present-day electronics. The concept of wire, or even conductive material, is often visualized as the material comprising of metallic qualities; hard, weighty, and inflexible. Metal Clad Fibers give new meaning to what conductive wires, threads, and cables can be.

Multifunctional Conductive Metal Clad Fibers are becoming lighter, stronger, and more efficient. These are the innovations that Syscom continues to research and develop.

Visit Syscom Advanced Materials at the International Microwave Symposium Booth 852
June 16-21 2024, Washington DC
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